Carcavelos beach at dawn

I live close to Carcavelos beach, west of Lisbon, so when I can I just take the opportunity to go and make some photos. I like it very much especially off-season and early in the morning, when I almost have the place to myself. The beach is big, with many photo opportunities, provided by the sand, sea, sky, and the fort at its eastern tip.

This particular time, I was trying to come up with different photos, trying long exposures, abstracts, to convey the feeling of “being there”.

Photos were taken with the Sony A7II plus the Zeiss Sonnar 50. Sometimes slowing down with just one normal lens is really great.

carcavelos_21_3_15_1_net carcavelos_21_3_15_3_bw_net carcavelos_21_3_15_8_bw_net carcavelos_21_3_15_9_bw_net carcavelos_21_3_15_10_bw_net carcavelos_21_3_15_12_bw_net carcavelos_21_3_15_13_bw_net carcavelos_21_3_15_14_bw_net carcavelos_21_3_15_15_bw_net

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I was born in Lisbon in 1966, and I am a geologist. My main interests as a photographer are Landscapes, Travel, and People. I have been fortunate enough to work in different places and contacted diverse cultures. I am also fortunate to live in a small, but beautiful country, Portugal.