My photo exhibit in Odemira

This new post is all about my new photo exhibit that just opened on May 3rd in the Municipal Library José Saramago, in Odemira. As you may recall, I have been working hard on the preparation steps, involving a selection of 15 photos, and engaging with the Library’s staff to ensure everything went smoothly. I can now say that the opening was a relaxed and fun event, and everything went very well. I am grateful for all the help I got from the staff, plus all the family support.

The theme of the exhibit was about “Landscapes with Memories – Odemira”. I have been visiting this region for more than 40 years, so I have plenty of memories (and photos) that I have been collecting and making along this time. Odemira is home of some of the best beaches in Portugal, which are a haven for those that want to enjoy Nature. The interior of the region, with its rolling hills and farms, offers a nice contrast with the seaside. I am now planning for a more thorough exploration of this interior area, so stay tuned!

Below I am showing all the photos that are part of the exhibit, plus a few from the inauguration. I hope you enjoy them.

20190503_120207 IMG-20190503-WA0016

Almograve Brejo Largo Milfontes Milfontes Milfontes Milfontes Cabo Sardão Cabo Sardão Cabo Sardão Cabo Sardão Cabo Sardão Zambujeira do Mar Santa Clara a Velha Odemira Odemira

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