On the trail in route 7 of the Rota Vicentina, SW Portugal

I have walked several trails of the Rota Vicentina since January, with a mix of new and old ones. After a few years of walking in this wonderful SW region, I have a few favorite routes, including this one. Looking at my records, it was the fifth time that I have walked this trail since 2019; in fact, I do this trail every year. So what makes this route so special? In my opinion, if you want to experience the character of the interior region of Odemira, this trail is perfect. It takes you along beautiful rural landscapes, where you can find very old cork oaks, typical farm houses, and panoramic views from the top of the hills.

Spring is a good time to visit, with the fields covered in green grass, and several wildflowers in bloom. Of course I had my camera with me, and of course it was a challenge to try and come away with different photos from the other visits… I have seen this landscape at the end of summer, when it is dry and brown, and at the end of winter, when it is wet and green. What follows is a collection of the photos I made during this latest visit, with my trusty Fujinon 33mm lens, a standard for the APSC format.

Map of route 7, which is located a few km east of the village of São Luis.
Typical landscape along this trail.
Large cork oak.
Old farm house.
Naked tree.
“Erva das Sete Sangrias”, or Lithodora prostrata. These tiny blue flowers are quite vivid in color.
View from the chapel hill. This part of the countryside still has a large area of cork oaks.
The small chapel of Nossa Senhora das Neves.
The pink heather attracts a lot of bees, which results in very tasty honey.
Spring has arrived. This is a panorama assembled from 8 photos.
Weekend bikers near the village of Monte da Estrada, one of the possible starting points for this trail route.

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